Understand and master using MMS, safely and with little Herxheimer experience

The most common two things that have been stopping people that hear about MMS are:

Lies about safety and misrepresentations by groups like Wikis saying it is a bleach and people have died.

Proof by government-sponsored research that way higher dosages than we recommend have been shown as safe.





Genius Insight Software Mastery Guide

Congratulations on getting your Genius Insight Software! This is a very exciting technology. It gives you the power of self-evaluation and self-discovery. It is the ultimate tool of empowerment because no matter what is going on there is always something you can do. You can balance what is out of balance, reduce reactivity and restore harmony. That is exciting!

The Genius Insight Software is a quantum biofeedback technology. It is designed to test the energy field. No claims are made of diagnosis of any physical condition and the frequencies generated are not claimed to cure any condition.

The basic concept behind the software is that it provides a means of assessing your vibrational frequency. This is done through the voice analysis and also through the picture and date of birth. This assessed frequency is then compared to other frequencies that have been programmed into the software. The result of this comparison is a score. This score will be between 0 and 777, a scale that was chosen by the developer.

Certain scores indicate reactivity. These reactivity scores are generally below 100 and above 600. Reactivity tells us that there is some degree of disharmony between the person (or animal) being tested and the particular frequency being tested. Examples of these frequencies include vitamin C, magnesium, the immune system, or the spleen meridian.

A score above 600 is generally associated with inflammation and the Chinese medicine concept of “heat”. High scores are generally also associated with more acute issues or issues that are more superficial. Low scores, below 100, are associated with issues that are more chronic. They are also associated the the Chinese medicine concepts of stagnation and depletion. Lower number scores can be associated with more long-term issues that are of more depth. From this perspective, you may want to focus on lower numbered items, as these are items that need much work. They are the areas of most compressed energy. The goal of quantum biofeedback is to open that energy and to create flow.

In Herring’s law of cure, disease is considered to heal in the body from the top down and also from the inside (depth) to the outside (superficial). This philosophy of healing indicates that issues that are chronic can proceed to acute issues in the process of healing. You may, then, see some issues go from a very low number, to a very high number, in the process of healing.

Once a session has completed the time selected, you may want to review the % of rectification. Consider anything over 50% as being reasonably complete for that session. An ideal number is 70% but is not necessary to achieve in order to experience positive effects of biofeedback.

In the realm of quantum biofeedback, we consider many things to be part of the “field” and therefore important to consider. For example, the person testing is part of the field as is the client being tested. This is important. This means that this is a living, interactive, alive process. The person who is looking (the tester or practitioner) will alter the field. This means that their intention and the energy they bring with them is important. This is true of the person being tested (the client). When your intention is very clear, it is possible that the results and the impact of the session may be stronger.

With quantum biofeedback, your intuition is as important as your understanding of the mechanics of the Genius itself. It is OK for you to feel drawn to certain screens to balance for yourself or for your client. It is OK for you to use more categories or fewer ones in your balancing tray. Allow your own personal style to be developed, your own personal way or preferences in testing to come through and it is likely you will get excellent results.

The Genius can be used in person or long-distance. Because the carrier wave of the Genius is the Schumann resonance, it is possible for you to send frequencies to anyone, anywhere in the world at anytime. You can be live in person with your client, you can do long-distance sessions via Skype or FaceTime. You can even do a long-distance session when the person is not on the phone or on Skype, but you do their session and then send them the results later. In other words, you have their permission, but work on them anytime and let them know that the session is complete. With all of these different ways of sending the frequencies, it is possible for the client or receiver of the frequencies to be positively affected and changed by those frequencies.

Detoxing is required to recover from disease.

Identify and eliminate toxic items that contribute to disease (cancer) and learn how to detoxify the current and new toxic load.

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